Our Mission

To bring genuine love and compassion together with the medically proven healing properties of music and share them with children in need.

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Music Connects

Letter from a rockSTAR- Alisha
People always talk about the power music has to heal, and I definitely agree. Music conveys my deepest heart break, my highest enthusiasm, my greatest […]

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Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital

I wanted to share with you how much we love being a part of Melodic Caring Project! The families and staff here at Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital are eager to hear about upcoming concerts […]

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Backstage with Foundation

What a fantastic concert! The energy was running high throughout the day, red carpet was set in place. Lights, camera, we are LIVE! Thousands of people from the Philippines and 16 hospital patients from […]


Fox 11 News Interview LA

Upon arrival to the Fox Studio in Los Angeles, we were prepped and ready to go, all we needed was to work his magic on the 101 freeway during rush hour. The clock […]


How it Works

Melodic Caring Project

Streaming Live Concerts Across the World

Its about an artist [or band] playing a LIVE and extremely personal concert for a select group of patients. That performance is filmed and streamed LIVE directly to the patients hospital bed [or home] where they can watch the show in the comfort and anonymity of their own room. Through a live-chat feature on the Ustream page, patients can chat throughout the concert with friends, family and outside supporters sending real-time messages of love and encouragement, creating a true sense of community and support. This unique service is free to the patient and free to the hospital. More…

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